A celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day including the Ceol Na Gael Irish Pipe Band, Connick School of Irish Dance dancers, green cars, family fun and more. Main Street from Iredell to Center Avenue, parade kicks off at 3pm

2018 Downtown Mooresville Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Application Guidelines
Saturday, March 10, 2018 —- Kick off at 3:00pm
Please read all rules, regulations, insurance guidelines and/or requirements listed below. The Parade Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application for any reason.
• The Parade is open to all non-profits and for-profit organizations; cheerleading and drill teams, marching bands, schools, neighborhood associations, International organizations etc.
• Performance routines may be done during the parade, but must not cause undue delay in the progress of the parade. Do not completely stop & perform for more than 1 minute in place. Participating groups shall be selected on a first come, first serve basis with a limit of 50 participants.
• Elected officials and political candidates are welcome to participate but no active campaigning is allowed. Elected officials or candidates may participate and wear their political T-shirts or logos and may have volunteers do the same, you may carry poster board size signs or have signs attached to a bike or wagon, etc. You may not hand out political information, postcards, flyers or any politically branded paraphernalia for yourself or against another candidate. No negative/slandering speech or paraphernalia will be tolerated.
• Government organizations (city, county, state, federal and active U.S. military) are welcome to participate
• Organization and units participating in the parade are permitted to carry a banner identifying their organization.
• You are not registered to participate until your application is received by the organizing committee and confirmed back to you. You will receive confirmation of your registration along with your groups order of march for the parade line up.

Parade Day Details:
• Upon you or your groups arrival, please report to the registration table, directly in front of the Mooresville Town Hall at 413 N. Main Street. At that time, you will be assigned a number which indicates your groups assigned parade order.
• You must be lined up, in your designated area by 2:30 pm on parade day
• Parking for participants can be found at the corner of Iredell Avenue & Church Street and off of Church Street at the MSI Chamber of Commerce and the Charles Mack Citizen Center. Please do not park on Main Street as it is 2-hour parking only.
• In case of rain; the parade will either continue or be cancelled based on the severity of weather. No rain date will be scheduled.

Parade Rules

:• The use of water pistols or shocking devices are prohibited
• Throwing of any souvenir such as bead or candy, promotional items are prohibited – you may hand out festive beads or items but please do not throw them to parade spectators.
• Firecrackers or other explosive devices are prohibited
• No signs, banner or any advertisement advancing any political or social cause are allowed If you are interested in participating in the parade or have questions, please contact Esther Murphy at blarneyrose329@aol.com or Kim Atkins at kimatkins@downtownmooresville.com