Total Access 624, provides 24 fixed analog voice interfaces, Single T1 network interface, Migration path to packet-based technologies such as ATM with software download, Includes Echo Cancellation (G.168) and ADPCM (G.726) compression resources, Four analog FXS ports, 50-pin female Amphenol connector for Carrier Class analog POTS interfaces, Integral IP router via 10/100BaseT Ethernet, IP router supports DHCP, NAT/PAT, packet filtering, RIP V1/V2, Layer 2 PPP, and Frame Relay, V.35 synchronous DTE interface, Assured Dialtone with Lifeline POTS, Durable metal casing, 10-year warranty, AC powered, Battery backup available separately.

With millions of small- to medium-sized enterprises existing today, the requirement for carriers to provide cost-effective integrated voice and data solutions is growing at a rapid rate. ADTRAN® delivers with the industry-leading Total Access® Integrated Access Devices (IADs). The Total Access 600R, 604, 608, 612, 616, and 624 are cost-effective, fixed-port, IADs designed to support IP, TDM, or ATM networks. These IADs offer CLECs, ILECs, RBOCs, and ISPs a means to offer combined voice and data traffic over a single network interface terminating at the customer’s premises.The Total Access 604 provides four analog FXS voice interfaces while the 608 provides eight. The Total Access 612 provides 12 fixed analog voice interfaces, while the Total Access 616 provides 16 fixed analog voice interfaces, and the Total Access 624 provides a full 24-port voice capacity for larger voice applications. These analog FXS interfaces support the stringent design and full feature set required by today’s carriers. Total Access 600 Series IADs provide a built-in IP router, Nx56/64 V.35 port for synchronous data applications, and optional DSX-1 interface, allowing the customer to combine a broad variety of voice and data services into a single platform. The Total Access 600R provides an integral IP router and no analog ports with digital voice connectivity provided via the optional DSX-1 connection.In applications involving IP network architectures, a Total Access IAD at the customer premises consolidates voice (packet, analog, and digital) and data traffic, and supports IP voice signaling over any Layer 2 protocol. This allows service providers to offer traditional telephony services, while taking advantage of a lower cost IP network architecture. Total Access IADs are also interoperable with leading feature server vendors to support hosted PBX service offerings. Total Access IADs enable traditional analog services (POTS phones, fax machines, and other devices) to be combined with IP phone support to allow customers to migrate to IP telephony at their own pace.Built with the carrier in mind, the Total Access 600 Series IADs are housed in a rugged metal case and provide the flexibility needed for quick turn-up in harsh environments. Wall and desktop mounting options are available for ease of installation. An optional ADTRAN battery backup system is available for added security.For Telco applications, the T1 loop (end section) from the last regenerator to the NIU must contain no more than 22dB of loss. Additionally, from the NIU to the CPE (e.g., CSU), there must be no more than 5.5 dB of loss. Said differently, with 7.0dB of loss per 1kft of 24AWG wire, this equates to approximately 3100 feet and 775 feet for the telco end section and NIU to CPE segments, respectively. For a campus environment in a private T1 application, the Total Access 600 Series receiver sensitivity of -36dB allows for a maximum distance of up to 5,000 feet between units. The integral IP router provides a powerful suite of performance and security features. Each Total Access 600 IAD offers multiple PVC configurations for simultaneous access to the corporate network and the ISP. Supporting NAT and packet filtering, Total Access 600 IADs secure the corporate network from unwanted intrusion. All configuration options, testing parameters, and passwords are accessed through an easy-to-use VT100 terminal interface or a TELNET session.Using local or remote inband management, the service provider can turn features, functions, and access ports on and off. For network access, the Total Access 600 IADs have a single T1, SDSL, SHDSL, or ADSL (604/608) interface. In addition to all of these features, the Total Access 600 IADs are backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty and ADTRAN’s technical support.
  • Single T1 TDM network interface
  • Migration path to packet-based technologies such as ATM with software download
  • Includes Echo Cancellation (G.168) and ADPCM (G.726) compression resources for instances when the unit is to be upgraded to T1 ATM
  • Fixed FXS ports
  • 50-pin female amphenol connector for Carrier Class analog POTS interfaces
  • Integral IP router via 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • IP router supports DHCP, NAT/PAT, packet filtering, RIP V1/V2, Layer 2 PPP, and Frame Relay
  • V.35 synchronous DTE interface
  • Assured Dialtone with Lifeline POTS
  • Durable metal casing
  • AC powered
  • Battery backup available separately