Mooresville Jewelry & Loan

The good thing is that the merchandise at Mooresville Jewelry and Loan is always changing. The value, and the variety of the merchandise that can be found here can be matched by few if any other retail establishments. Try the Mooresville Jewelry Loan experience. You will find it unique and exciting.

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Mooresville Pawns & Loans

Getting a loan on an item is not only a great way to get cash but can also be useful to keep your merchandise in a safe location while out of town.

Mooresville Firearms

We offer Mooresville a wide range of firearms including shotguns, rifles, and handguns from top of the line firearms manufacturers

Mooresville Jewelry

Our well-trained staff at Mooresville Jewelry authenticates the precious metal and diamonds that accessorize the jewelry in our shops.

Custom Jewelry & Jewlery Repair

Loose diamonds? Ring too big? Broken clasp? We can fix it! Mooresville Jewelry and Loan handles jewelry repair jobs of all shapes and sizes.

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Variety makes visiting Mooresville Jewelry and Loan an exciting and enjoyable experience. You would have to visit dozens of different retail stores to find all the different types of merchandise found in our shop.

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597 N. Main Street,
Mooresville NC 28115


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